Reviews of The Ballad of Laurel Springs

"An intriguing multigenerational saga of a family steeped in the old-time songs and stories of southern Appalachia... tinged with regret and loss, informed by the timeless lyricism of the songs... This inspired story of Appalachian folklore will move readers."- Publishers Weekly

"Haunting and lyrical, this story immerses you in Appalachian folklore in a visceral way."- Buzzfeed

"A distinctly Southern song that gets into the heads of readers and won’t let go." Chapter 16

"The Ballad of Laurel Springs is wonderfully unique and equally as heartbreaking."- Off the Shelf

"With a sense of traveling through time, readers will enjoy the murder mystery, combined with the descriptions of daily life in this little Appalachian town. Fans of... historical fiction with strong female characters will want to give this book a try."- Booklist

"The Ballad of Laurel Springs is the story of women fighting to make a safe place for themselves, and the ballads that are sung along the way."- Country Living

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Reviews of The Atomic City Girls

"Beard has taken a project of momentous impact and injected a human element into it... This is approachable, intelligent, and highly satisfying historical fiction."-  Booklist *starred review

"Fans of historical fiction will devour this complex and human look at the people involved in the creation of the atomic bomb."- Kirkus Reviews

"The Atomic City Girls explores love, war and patriotism, forcing the reader to consider the devastating effects of Hiroshima."- Associated Press

"In her fast-paced blend of fact and fiction, The Atomic City Girls, Janet Beard uses the viewpoints of a diffuse group of characters to create an impressively realized portrait of life in Oak Ridge, Tennessee."- Bookpage

"An illuminating work of historical fiction."- Denver Post Staff Pick 

"Beard's fascinating narrative brings to life four people with different outlooks and dreams whose fates memorably intertwine."- Publishers Weekly

"Readers who enjoyed Martha Hall Kelly’s Lilac Girls will appreciate this glimpse into the beliefs and attitudes that shaped America during World War II."- Library Journal

"Despite its historically accurate physical details, the realm of The Atomic City Girls remains clearly fictional: character-driven and imaginative."- Chapter 16

"An informative portrayal of a significant historical episode often reduced to footnote status.... Beard manages to imbue this well-researched novel with warmth and charm"- Fiction Writers Review

"Though history long ago informed us of the drastic results of the Manhattan Project, it is interesting to read what life was like for the residents and workers at Oak Ridge. And in this day of ubiquitous and ever-invasive communications, it would be difficult to understand how the Manhattan Project actually pulled off its humongous top-secret goal without the thorough research of author Janet Beard."- Bookreporter

"The characters and settings are incredibly well-written and well-researched, dropping the reader into the lives of ordinary people living during an extraordinary time."- Mattoon Journal Gazette & Times-Courier

"Each character’s story is compelling and believable, and the story as a whole — the tale of one of the places where the atom bomb was made — is enthralling."- Pamela Kramer

"Beard makes this lost community come alive in this well-researched novel, giving readers a glimpse of the types of people who lived and worked and loved there, and allowing them to walk in the shoes of her characters, driving home the truth of the place despite this being fiction."- GeekMom

"If you’ve ever wondered how the atomic bomb came to be then you must read The Atomic City Girls by Janet Beard."- KRCU Public Radio

"Suspenseful and intriguing, The Atomic City Girls explores an aspect of the Manhattan Project long shrouded in secrecy, bringing to light an important chapter of World War II history."- Jennifer Chiaverini, New York Times bestselling author of Mrs. Lincoln’s Dressmaker


"Both page-turning and illuminating, The Atomic City Girls brings to life an eerie piece of world history."- Madeline Miller, New York Times bestselling author of The Song of Achilles


"The Atomic City Girls is a fascinating and compelling novel about a little known piece of WWII history."- Maggie Leffler, international bestselling author of The Secrets of Flight 

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